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An inbound approach to student recruitment will:
✅ Save you money compared to traditional 'outbound' methods
✅ Focus your efforts on converting the right students
✅ Build trust with prospects by establishing you as a 'thought leader'
Convert more enquiries into enrolments with effective lead nurturing

This toolkit is specifically designed to help you implement the
inbound marketing methodology for your organisation.
This toolkit includes:
Audit & Strategy Tools
  • What is inbound marketing?
  • What is the marketing flywheel?
  • The ingredients to an effective social media strategy
  • Schools need to be in the cloud: marketing and admissions working remotely
  • How your school can benefit from 2020 marketing trends
  • Buyer persona development for education and non-profits
  • What is HubSpot?

Attract: tools to get your audience's attention

  • Free tool: Social media content planner
  • Worksheet: Buyer's Journey - inbound marketing content planner
  • Worksheet: Education Buyer's Journey - inbound marketing content planner
  • Ebook: The Beginner's Guide to Generating Inbound Leads in Education

Engage: tools to improve communication

  • Popular automation/workflows - education
  • Automate your open events to convert more students
  • Conversion Paths

Delight: advice on keeping your customers happy

  • The importance of reviews: Delighting your customers
  • FAQs: Using a Knowledge Base to increase conversions


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